Shoring Scaffolding Solutions

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Essential Shoring Scaffolding

Most construction and repair jobs make use of regular scaffolding rigs, built up around the project. There are certain circumstances, however, where a more robust solution is required. If you are erecting an exterior wall or making renovations to a ceiling, you need something that will hold the weight. In these instances, shoring scaffold may be the answer.

These heavy-duty scaffolds have a wide flat surface that presses against walls or ceilings. Behind that surface is a strong network of scaffolding poles to brace the rest of the shoring scaffold. This holds the weight in place until it is no longer needed. PRS Scaffolding has been delivering and installing shoring scaffolds across London and Kent for many years. Operating from our Dartford office, we set up these essential pieces of apparatus through the region. This includes projects in Bexley, Bexleyheath, Welling, and further afield.

We understand that any project requiring a shoring scaffold is likely to be a major undertaking. We also know these projects have a tight budget to work with. At PRS Scaffolding Ltd, we offer exceptional value for money and are happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote. We are confident that no local scaffolding company can beat our service.

Shoring scaffolds are useful for jobs both large and small. We have seen them used to brace the external wall of a new garage. We have also seen them used to support the weight of an entire storey during a ceiling renovation. Whatever the size or scale of your project, we will provide you with a shoring scaffold solution that works.

Shoring scaffolds are an essential support structure for a lot of large construction projects. Designed to brace walls and ceilings, they are often required in an emergency situation as well. At PRS Scaffolding, we are there for our customers when it matters the most. As your local scaffolding company, we can quickly erect an emergency shoring scaffolding for you.

From our office in Dartford, the PRS Scaffolding team puts up shoring scaffolds across London and Kent. We have our own crew of professional scaffolders who travel across the area and know the region well. This ensures prompt and punctual shoring scaffold solutions for domestic customers and commercial clients alike. This includes customers in Bexley, Bexleyheath, Welling, and beyond.

Shoring scaffolds are used for everything from holding up walls and ceilings to bracing the sides of an excavation. Each application requires careful consideration of how the weight is to be distributed. As a result, our professional shoring scaffolders tackle each job on its own merits. They work out the most effective and reliable design prior to implementing it.

Once we have decided how to construct your shoring scaffold for maximum effectiveness, we can get to building it. We understand that time is often of the essence with this sort of job, so we perform it quickly and efficiently. We arrive with the tools and materials we need to complete the project, so time will not be wasted.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our domestic customers. As we go about building your scaffolding rig, our team tests each part of the installation. This is to ensure each segment is safe and secure, as well as the overall structure. By doing this, we guarantee a safe working environment for you and any contractors.


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